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DispatchX has been a reliable partner for owner-operators and truck fleets, offering comprehensive dispatching services. Beyond load searches, we handle billing, document management, broker communications, SAFETY DOT compliance, and more. Our transparent pricing, ranging from 5% to 10% per load based on trailer type, ensures no hidden fees. With a commitment to driver satisfaction, we provide dedicated dispatchers, 24/7 support, and the flexibility to choose your dispatcher. 

Customized Solutions

Tailored dispatch solutions for your unique needs and seamless logistics.

24/7 services

Our 24/7 support ensures your smooth journey around the clock.

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What You Get at DispatchX

Truck Dispatching Solution

Overcome the chaos of unpredictable logistics, Effortless coordination and optimization of truck movements, ensuring seamless logistics with our Truck Dispatching Solution.

Company Development

We guide you through seamless company creation, streamline trailer and vehicle registration, and ensure all essential paperwork is handled. Providing fluent support at every step of the process.

Handling All

DispatchX allows drivers to focus on driving only.We take care of all the necessary paperwork for each load, giving you the freedom to enjoy your well-deserved moments of relaxation.


For vehicles with three or two axles and a gross weight over 26,000 lbs., or a combined weight exceeding 26,000 lbs., IFTA quarterly fuel report submission is mandatory.

DOT compliance

Choose peace of mind with our DOT compliance services. We handle the intricacies of regulations, allowing you to focus on growing business journey confidently.

Factoring Service

Navigating small business challenges? Partner with DispatchX for reliable factoring services, ensuring steady cash flow and overcoming the hurdles of unpaid invoices.

Accounts & Billing Management

Empower your trucking journey with our accounting services tailored for drivers and owner-operators. From on-the-road support to seamless billing, we ensure you thrive on roads, enjoying deserved advantages at tax time.

Affordable Prices & Negotiation Terms

Maximize your value on the road with our expert negotiation service, securing top-tier hourly rates for logistics drivers and owner-operators nationwide. We handle everything, letting you focus on keep nation moving.

24/7 Live Agent Support System

Count on DispatchX for round the clock support, ensuring your logistics operations run smoothly day and night. We’re just a phone call away, ready to solve all your logistics challenges and keep your operations on track.

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Dry Van | Reefer

Maximize your carrier business growth. Effortlessly navigate the competitive dry van and reefer market. Stay ahead by securing the most profitable offers without leaving your office or driver’s seat, thanks to our comprehensive loadboard tracking.


Hotshot trucking demands dedicated dispatch support. Entrust us, and our qualified team will ensure your truck works hard for your profits, providing top-notch attention to keep your business running smoothly.

Flat Bed | Step Deck

Navigate the complexities of flatbed and stepdeck trucking. Our dispatch services prioritize cargo safety, ensuring your business overcomes challenges and secures up to a 50% increase in revenue through expert permit acquisition.

Box Truck

Streamline your box truck business with DispatchX expertise. Our team ensures profitable loads, making your journey in the trucking business easier and more lucrative.

Start your business strong with Power Only equipment – in demand among shippers. Our expert dispatch ensures your profits match those of Dry Van operations, leveraging the unique features of Power Only.

Straight Truck

Optimize your straight truck operations with our dedicated dispatch support. We simplify load management, ensuring efficiency and profitability in every haul.


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